Testing the ROV “Brambot”

We have acquired an amazing ROV (remotely operated vehicle) for Bramble Reborn’s underwater sequences. This compact unit is called “Deep Trekker DTX2.“. It works like an underwater drone. We chose this model because of the short boot-up time, compact size, and because it’s self powered and can operate for 6-8 hours on one charge. We named it “Brambot”.

We’ll be using Brambot to explore the wreck of USCGC Spar, the Bramble’s sister ship, which was sunk off the coast of North Carolina as an artificial reef. We’ll also be using it to inspect the ship’s hull as we proceed through the Northwest Passage.

This video sequence shows us testing the unit out in an Olympic sized pool. It performed flawlessly. We can’t wait to test it out in open water in Lake Erie next week!

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