Where can I see the movie?

Bramble Reborn is in the early stages of production and has a long shooting schedule: over eight months at sea ! Then the film has to be edited and special effects added. We anticipate having it completed in late 2019 but this could be delayed if the ship can’t make the Northwest Passage this year. We will be releasing news on where the film can be viewed as soon as possible so make sure you subscribe to our news blog.

Can I see the ship?

The Bramble is on a very tight schedule in 2019. However, she will be making several stops in the Caribbean as well as Long Beach California and Seattle, Washington before heading to Dutch Harbor, Alaska to begin the Northwest Passage voyage. After that, she will be sailing to Miami, Florida. There, we are hoping to have a grand reception to celebrate her trip. Please subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media for updates. We’ll make announcements if the ship will be available to be seen.

I served on the Bramble. How can I contribute to the movie?

If you or a family member served on USCGC Bramble, USCGC Storis, or USCGC Spar, we would like to hear from you. We will be interviewing some former crew members for the film so please click here if you’d like to be considered for the movie. We’re also putting together a special list of former crew members and will make it a priority to keep you updated on the ship’s progress. We also have plans to honor former crew members in a very special part of the film so please fill out the form.

Who owns the Bramble?

The Bramble is owned by Orinoco Natural Resources, LLC.  owned by Tom & Ana Clarke.

Can I apply to serve on the Bramble?

If you would like to submit a resume/CV to work on the ship, please email apply@bramblereborn.com, which will automatically forward to the necessary parties at Orinoco. (NB: The producers of the documentary are not involved in the hiring process.)