Our featured crewman of the Bramble today is Chef and part time deck hand, Marlon Garrett from Louisiana. He holds many maritime certifications and has a small work boat Captains licence.

Marlon keeps the morale going on this ship and he epitomizes hard work and patience.

Marlon started working in restaurants at age 21 and honed his cooking skills at a formal culinary school in Louisiana. His expertise in catering led to his operation of his own successful business. It also meant working 365 days a year and missing out on family holidays. Familiar with that kind of committed lifestyle, he decided to take his skills to sea as a cook and deckhand.

Working on the Bramble has been one of his most challenging assignments due to the ship’s tendency to heave, pitch, and roll in ocean swells. His key to cooking in adverse seas: “improvise and have patience”

The stove is currently not equipped with guards to contain pots and pans so when things get rough, every recipe goes into the oven.

Marlon’s day starts in the kitchen at 4:30am sharp, no matter how rough it is, and no two meals are ever the same.
He’s an incredibly dependable and talented guy.

Chef Marlon’s famous banana bread




  1. Joe Ladner

    That’s my friend I picked up a few skills from him ,l

  2. Shermaine Richardson

    Hard word does pays off. great job babe. You The jack of all trade

  3. Congratulations on what you love to do.


    Great job guys. We have are freezer out in the galley on the Sundew. Most of the time we have local restaurans cook for events.

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