We had the great pleasure of doing a video interview with Master Chief James Hiller on Wednesday.  Master Chief Hiller is 81 years old and sailed on the USCGC Storis when it made the historic circumnavigation of the continent along with USCGC Bramble and USCGC Spar in 1957.  He had many fascinating stories to tell us.  We were spellbound.

He wore his uniform for the interview and looked amazingly fit.   This is really incredible when you learn that he had had open heart surgery only four days before!  His wife told us that he doesn’t even take pain killers.  Now that’s tough.

We’re looking forward to editing Jim’s interview into the documentary.  It will add an amazing first person perspective.

We can’t thank him enough for making time for us and sharing his special stories for all to enjoy.

Here he is getting ready for the interview…



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