Bramble’s new mission is daunting yet exciting: the circumnavigation of the North American continent.  In order to finish her “fitting out”, the first leg of her journey will take her from her former home in Port Huron, Michigan, through the St. Lawrence Seaway, and down to Mobile, Alabama.  There she’ll be put in dry dock and get a complete overhaul.

Once we feel the vessel is expedition ready, we’ll be heading into the Caribbean, and visiting the tropical paradises of Belize, Roatan, and Utilla.  There’s plenty of opportunities there for our professional dive team to test their undersea gear and capture some amazing imagery.

Next, she’ll be heading through the Panama Canal and into the Pacific Ocean for the long journey to Dutch Harbour, Alaska.  The ship will take on provisions for the most challenging and exciting part of the voyage:  the treacherous Northern Passage…the fabled route through the Arctic pack ice.  We expect many challenges in navigation and icebreaking but anticipate incredible sights including wildlife and the northern lights.

After (hopefully) completing the passage the ship will head down to Miami for a grand reception with retired and currently serving Coast Guard personnel.

As a last gesture of remembrance, the divers of the Bramble will visit the watery grave of her sister ship “USCGC Spar” which made the Northwest Passage voyage with her in 1957 and now rests 100 feet down off the shores of North Carolina.

We have a very special duty:  the unveiling of a engraved plaque from the veterans of the Bramble to their comrades, both living and deceased, from all who love the ships.