I wasn’t able to post this on the 21st as we were out of internet contact.  It was my 55th birthday on the Bramble and I got a great gift:  nice weather.  We saw a US Navy ship pass us.  The seas were very calm (in contrast to the previous two days!) and we were able to enjoy sailing and even had a beautiful sunset.

Marlon had even prepared a chocolate cake for dinner and I enjoyed it with some strawberry ice cream and wishes from the crew.  At night, the moon was out and very bright and Bill and I went up to the Gun Deck to enjoy the calm and look at the distant shore.  We could see the lights of Cape Canaveral approaching and I’m sure I could make out the Vehicle Assemble Building at NASA where they assemble rockets.

I was missing Mandi though and hoping that I would get some internet so I could contact her.  Just after midnight Bill said he was heading off to sleep.  I stayed up on the deck for just another moment of reflection when I started to receive and internet signal.  One little bar of reception on my phone from AT&T.  It’s funny how happy that can make you when you feel reconnected with the world.  I guess that’s how sailors used to feel when they got a letter from home.  I was able to write Mandi an email although I knew she would most likely not see it until the following morning.  What a great feeling.

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