This log post is “retroactive”.  I knew we’d be out of internet contact for the last couple of days so I queued the previous three days’ posts to launch automatically.  I was out of contact during the storm of the (almost) century.  A day south of Norfolk, Virginia, we ran into very poor weather.  The sea become rough with huge mountains of water.  Then it became very obvious:

Bramble was not designed as a deep sea vessel.

The Captain and crew did their best to plough through it, but it was rough.  The ship was pitching about thirty degrees side to side.  Dishes, furniture and anything else not tied down went chasing and smashing all around.   Bill got some amazing shots with the GoPro camera of waves crashing over the bow.  Then Bill and I took shelter in the wardroom and tried to just ride it out.

We were both feeling seasick.  I’m sure we were green.  Sleep was impossible.  I tried to sleep in my bunk but no luck.  You feel like you’re being shaken awake every ten seconds.  I even tried sleeping on the couch in the wardroom but no luck.  I don’t know how the sailors in this ship managed to make it to Bikini Atoll in 1947 for the Atomic bomb tests.  I bet it was miserable but they did it!  Hats off to those brave and determined sailors.

The next morning the seas started to flatten out.  We went around the ship and checked for damage.  Here are the results of the storm on the wardroom…


  1. Howdy old Salts!
    Love following your log and checking your position.
    Looks like you’ll be in Mobile tomorrow. Hope you’ll keep posting during the shipyard period as well, as I would like to update Bramble’s page on my site, as well as to keep our 57k followers informed about your progress.
    BZ, love what you are doing!

    • Geoffrey Holmes, Director

      Thanks for reaching out! We’ll continue to release updates, though it will mainly be of footage taken during the first part of the voyage while most of the crew takes a break and returns home for a few weeks. But we have lots of footage that we’ll be editing and working on to fill the gap before everyone embarks again in June. Thanks for following!

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