This is the buoy that’s been lashed to our deck since we left Port Huron.  When Bramble was a museum ship it was there to show visitors what Bramble was designed to do: tend to buoys.  They are very important because they act like guides and traffic signals at sea.  Without them, there would be chaos and ships with cargo couldn’t get where they are going.

This buoy weighs an enormous amount:  thousands of pounds, as it’s designed to survive the worst the sea can throw at it.  Bramble has a built in crane to pluck buoys out of the water, service them, and then re-install them.  This one is going to be removed from our ship in Mobile, Alabama when we reach dry dock.  Tom Clarke, the ship’s new owner, is going to put a Land Rover on deck and a brand new “RIB” or Rigid Inflatable Boat, which will be very handy for our Arctic and dive adventures.

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